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Welcome to one more random site on the world wide web.

Baffled and bemused by Bing? Weary of Wikipedia? Yahoo has you yawning, and Google leaves you goggle eyed? Well now The Flat Cap is here to provide lots of jolly useful facts and trivia on all sorts of topics.

If, like most people, you clicked on here by mistake then The Flat Cap can only apologise. So far there are no links to flat caps, and this isn't the site to search for pukka headgear suppliers.


To give you a brief idea of what it's here for would take too long. And most of what you will encounter (should you have enough free time) is largely nonsensical anyway. 

If you read on you will find blogs on lots of things. They're random and are meant to be amusing and educational.


But if you're doing a school project on baked beans or staplers, or indeed any of the topics covered, don't be relying on the information contained therein - a lot of it is just made up nonsense too.


The business idea for the website is to double the number or readers (in 2016 it was seven, including the contributor and his family), generate millions of pounds from advertising and personal appearances, open a few supermarkets, sign a book deal and retire on the proceeds.    


The Flat Cap will continue to add more blogs when he can find the time / inspiration / a decent internet connection.

To give you an idea of the man there's more on the 'About' page.

Meanwhile if you have any ideas for some more random musings then get in touch via the email page and The Flat Cap will do his best to add to his posts with even more jolly interesting facts.

Happy reading............


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